Giving Blankets as Gifts – Honoring Native Traditions

In North American native cultures, blankets are traditionally given to mark important events or life passages. While the practice has changed over the years, several Native American customers have purchased Los Andes Shop blankets for just this purpose! Our blankets...

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The Weavers of Otavalo

While the artisans of Otavalo are no longer forced to produce cloth by the Spaniard colonizers like their ancestors, the cottage industries of textiles in Otavalo continue to undergo change.  We strive to support both the maintenance of traditional techniques...

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doña Rosa María with a selection of her wares at the Plaza de Ponchos in Otavalo, Ecuador

Los Andes Shop

Retail store of alpaca wool imported from Otavalo, Ecuador. We also participate in special sales in fairs and events throughout the state. Check our calendar of events to see when we are near you!

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