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There’s nothing better than a cozy blanket to curl up in after a long day.  Our alpaca-blend queen-size blankets are lightweight and super soft, and we’ve had so many customers tell us they are their favorite blanket (or that they fight over it with their spouse)! We have blankets with traditional Andean designs that look great in Southwestern, Western, cowboy/girl, or boho decor schemes. There are a variety of color combinations to choose from, from bright fuchsia to soothing neutrals. We also have collaborated with the makers to create patterns that appeal to our market in the PNW and beyond. People who love the outdoors, mountains, woods, and adventures like our blankets featuring horses, Bigfoot (Sasquatch), mountains, and trees.

We’re sorry that we are not able to offer king-size blankets – the crafters’ looms simply aren’t that wide.  Queen (80” x 90”) is the largest alpaca-blend blanket we import.  All our blankets are machine washable in cold water on the delicate cycle.  They should be hung to dry.