Style of the Southwest – how you can incorporate it in your home

by Beth Wegener, October 2021

Southwest decorating style is the liberating option you’ve been longing for. Southwest interior design embodies many popular trends on social media right now, meaning you have a wealth of ideas and products available with a few searches, such as this.

As an interior design strategy, it works because it is flexible enough to remain relevant to design trends, while maintaining a depth of timelessness. Southwest style is imbued with a deep history stemming from architecture and textile styles of the American West and Mexico. It pulls from Native American and Spanish influence, as well as years of innovation through generations of designers including architects like Frank Lloyd Wright. And it can be used subtly with unifying pieces or as an all out theme for your whole space, giving you complete control over your style rather than it controlling you.

Style modifications

The architecture and pallet of this style allow for great adaptability. The architecture of the style is exemplified by natural, soft lines. It imitates the geography of the American south west with symmetry and unexpected gentleness for such harsh environments.

The palette tends to be rugged and earthy in tone, but it can pull out the playful colors of native textiles, desert sunrises, or even the bright saturation of the Texas flag. Southwest style can bleed over into a more modern tilt when it is combined with dark accents and the geometric elements are emphasized. It can also lean boho because of its reliance on textiles and natural materials. Or it can lean minimalist with neutral tones and a reliance on simple geometric shapes. This makes it an adaptable style which can be easily individualized, depending on the design emphasis.

Southwest Style for You

Alpaca blankets from Los Andes align well with Southwest decor style for several reasons. The colors align with the natural colors of this style and the variety offered at the shop means you’ll find something to fit any palette. Additionally, the patterns of these blankets frequently depict geometric designs popular in Southwestern art and decor. Finally, Los Andes works to bring responsibly-sourced, handcrafted products to consumers. The company’s commitment to sustainability and maintaining relationships with native Chilean artisans mean their products are beautifully made and contribute to a process with longstanding traditions just like the Southwestern decor style! Their pieces include throw blankets, which can unify a space, and southwestern bedding, which can accentuate your style with a big impact.

Los Andes Blankets

One important aspect of Southwestern decor is its ability to tell a story. As you look at various rooms decorated in this style, they pull you in with an element of history—they are full of pieces you look at and wish you knew all the stories they hold. The blankets at the Los Andes shop also carry a story. You can read the journey of Los Andes here, giving you a depth and an added layer of richness to these artisan pieces.


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