Use neutral color to unify mismatched furniture

Use neutral color to unify mismatched furniture

Got a bunch of hand-me-down and thrifted furniture? One key to creating a unified look with furniture from varying design periods is to stick with a neutral color base on larger objects like dressers or bed frames. This allows you room to use unusual pieces, pops of color or trends in throw blankets, pillows, curtains, artwork or rugs. Don’t be afraid to pull from a variety of styles to create a timeless design and make your room feel uniquely you!

Ideas for neutral bedrooms

Brown cream Western alpaca-blend blanket
Brown cream native alpaca-blend blanket
  1. Black and white
  2. Beige and browns
  3. Black and cream

Colorful and cozy blankets

Fucshia alpaca blend blanket
Fucshia alpaca blend blanket
  1. Fucshia
  2. Red and turquoise
  3. Purples

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